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"Parents have to face the changes created by the education policy. The concept of teaching in schools, the request for personal development and growth in an environment that children are happy in. With knowledge, you pursue good grades in exchange. No matter what your choice is, it is the responsibility of parents to encourage children to study hard. But parents should provide the basics for children, such as a happy environment for growth and potential chances for development. They should not be worried about grades or requesting for children to get in schools with good reputation. That would hurt the children’s feelings and mindset. Life is short, you can’t determine if you lose or win at the starting point."


Ghost Dragon of Cold Mountain (寒山潜龙), EP06

Pierre Ngo dressed as a girl



Dove commercial featuring G.E.M. and Kim Soo-hyun

um idk what to say. 

This is the supposedly “super expensive and fancy” big production.

tbh they seem to be selling the two celebrities more than selling chocolate >.> but I didn’t even like the commercial that much. Yes definitely G.E.M. was gorgeous but the whole style was very ugh?

not trying to be racist but I think it would be much better if they had the random waiters and street ladies to be white instead. Isn’t that style of singing supposed to be in some white language too? it just sounds so weird in mando, prolly cuz it’s China. omg this is like watching Disney dubbed in mando -_- awks. G.E.M.’s singing parts are more acceptable. 

I thought this commercial was going to come out on Aug2?? maybe that’s for the song???? 

悠悠 | 朱古力姐姐 ❤️

currently watching this :D

track: 她最好
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this song was awesome. but grace still has to improve her singing :)

Fong Tai and Martin’s Impulsive Kiss

吳鎮宇 / Feynman / Grace / Joe / 多多  ♡